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Service offline at 23:00 GMT on 25.03.2017 for 30 minutes

Posted on 25 March 2017

The OpenBay Pro service will be down for upto 30 minutes starting at 23:00 GMT on 25.03.2017, this is due to our datacenter performing critical updates.During this time it will not be possible to update products or post order updates, once the servers are back online any orders that have been created on the marketplaces will be imported.We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this update. read more

OpenBay Pro Guide

Posted on 22 June 2016

Summer is here and so is the NEW guide for OpenBay Pro. We've listened to feedback and built the ultimate guide to get you sorted for everything you need to know about OpenBay Pro! The following guide will allow you to do the following:Set up your accountInstall OpenBay ProUpgradeList on eBay, Amazon and EtsyImport OrdersBulk UploadBulk LinkChange SubscriptionCancel SubscriptionTemplatesCommon Issues/ErrorsContact informationPlease note this is document will change over time and for the latest version, please check your current guide to see if you have the latest version to hand.This Guide is... read more

New OpenBay Pro Blog!

Posted on 19 January 2016

Greetings OpenBay Pros!We've now got a shiny Blog full of useful tidbits, facts, promotions, news and more!Go on over to our  blog and catch up on the latest news and insight from OpenBay Pro. read more

Automatic update for 2.1 Versions of OpenCart

Posted on 19 January 2016

We've been recently getting a number of issues when Automatically updating OpenBay Pro from users on version 2.1 of OpenCart, at the moment we would advise to Manually update through FTP. Currently, using the Automatic update will cause an error.This only affects customers who have upgraded from an older version of OpenCart, and not affecting New customers who use OpenCart 2.1.Should you encounter this error, please, get in touch with us and we'll be happy to assist you with a free fix for this!Please fill in a support ticket and send... read more

Issues with Amazon USA

Posted on 20 November 2015

We are currently working on an issue related to Amazon USA accounts which is causing intermittent service. We hope to have this resolved within the next few hours.Although the systems are not linked we may need to perform short maintenance across all API's however we have not confirmed this yet and it is just advised as a possibility.Thanks for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience, we will provide further updates once we know more information along with potential prevention measures to stop it happening again. read more

OpenBay Pro accounts maintenance - resolved

Posted on 18 November 2015

You may have been experiencing problems with OpenBay Pro earlier today, which were happening because our accounts area was in maintenance mode. This has since been resolved - thanks for your patience and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. read more

eBay upload image issue

Posted on 10 December 2014

We are currently experiencing an issue with uploading images to eBay - an issue has been created with eBay and we will update any open ticket with customers once we have a reply.Users are currently unable to upload new products to eBay. You may get 1 of 2 errors; a gateway time out or an error response from eBay saying that they must add an image to the listing.Our API works by passing your image URL from your store directly to eBay, they are responsible for uploading the images to their servers. Although we do... read more

Further updates to account changes

Posted on 23 November 2014

We have now completed the move of all Amazon EU accounts over to our new system.You will soon be able to manage multiple market accounts inside your admin area (instead of needing a new account for each), manage subscriptions (create new ones, cancel old ones etc). We now offer subscriptions by PayPal and also directly by card payment (Visa, Mastercard and Amex) - offering more flexibility for users.During the next week we will be moving our eBay clients, this is a much bigger task (currently 17x more users than Amazon).Once all accounts have... read more

Changes to subscription prices

Posted on 22 November 2014

From 1st December, EcommerceHQ will be VAT registered, all invoices from this date will include the tax and subscription costs detailed separately.VAT (currently 20%) will be applied to all UK invoices and to EU users who have not attached a VAT number. For our international clients you will not be subject to VAT and the price will remain the same.We strongly advise clients to log into the Account site and make sure that the billing information we hold for them is correct. read more

Updates to our accounts website

Posted on 22 November 2014

We are currently migrating over all accounts to our new account system (https://account.openbaypro.com/). This will allow users to manage the details, subscriptions and payments from a single location.From 21st November, all Amazon US accounts have been moved. Remaining accounts for Amazon EU and eBay will also be migrated within the next 7 days.Access to invoices has also been improved, making it quicker for merchants to print / download them. read more

We have removed discussions

Posted on 20 March 2014

We have now removed the discussions section on the support system - when a client created a thread the support team see it as an open ticket and respond as if it is a normal private issue. The discussion section was not designed for this and too many clients were putting private FTP and admin details into the threads making it public.If you have an issue please create a ticket from the home page button. read more

New tool to test your templates

Posted on 13 March 2014

We have added a great new feature that allows designers / developers to quickly test a user template without needing to go through the listing process.It is something that a few of our agency friends have been crying out for, allowing them to test templates more efficiently.Head over to https://account.openbaypro.com/ and click on the Template tester option under the eBay menu. Copy and paste your template code and click test - that's it! You will immediately see your template populated with test data, no matter what custom tag you use... read more

February 2014 release (v2213 & v2214)

Posted on 21 February 2014

Since the last release there has been several new features and enhancements.New tags added to the template system for {{ shop_navigation }} and {{ shop categories }}. These will create HTML dynamic menus in your listings - if you change, delete or add new shop categories or custom pages in your eBay shop then they will appear in your menu on all listings, this feature is available for all versions of OpenBay Pro.You can now disable products in your store when they sell out on eBay. Although it isn't suitable... read more

Dropping integration for play.com

Posted on 15 November 2013

Over the coming days we will be dropping the play.com API from OpenBay Pro. We have decided to take this unfortunate decision due to the structure of the marketplace's API.We will be focusing on new features to the eBay & Amazon integration along with planning other integrations through 2014.Since play.com is now owned by Rakuten Group it is likely in the future that we will add support back in if they create a better integration solution.Any pending support requests relating to play.com will be closed from today. read more

eBay Mainentance - OpenBay Pro issues

Posted on 23 August 2013

eBay are currently doing maintenance which may cause issues with OpenBay Pro for eBay. If OpenBay Pro for eBay has broken all of a sudden, please wait until eBay have finished their maintenance before creating a support ticket.You can follow the updates on Twitter here:https://twitter.com/eBay_UK https://twitter.com/OpenBayProMany thanks. read more

Play API issues

Posted on 21 August 2013

We are currently re-evaluating the requirements for the play.com API.Over the last few months the usage from users has increased and the API seems to be getting slower and slower. This is due to the way data is processed by them and the length of time it takes. Sadly its not as silky smooth as the Amazon or eBay REST API's but we are looking at it in more details and will be working towards a fix.We are suspending ALL tickets related to the Play.com API as we aware of several... read more